Transfer Station Stickers

Types of Stickers:

One Day Only (Available at Town Hall ONLY)

Recycling Only

Annual (Regular) Sticker

Replacement Sticker

Second Sticker

Annual Senior Citizens Sticker


There are two (2) options for paying for your transfer station sticker; either by electronic check or by credit card.

Electronic Check

You will need one of your checks with you when you pay your bill online in order to get your account number and the bank’s routing number from it. You will be shown where this information is on your check.

Please note: Beginning January 1, 2013 there will be a $0.50 processing fee assessed for all electronic check payments. All payments include postage and administrative charges. 

Credit Card

We accept MasterCard and Discover for credit card payments on the purchase of your sticker. There will be a convenience fee for each online payment. The credit card service provider charges the fee to your credit card. When paying by credit card, the fee amount will appear in a separate box and will be totaled with the amount of the tax. (Bank Fee Schedule)

Once notification of payment has been received by the Clerk's Office, the sticker will be mailed to the address provided. Please print your confirmation to present to the Tranfer Station attendant until you have received your sticker.