Transfer Station Fees

The fee structure for the disposal of general refuse, electronic devices, large appliances, mattresses, propane tanks, and tires for Fiscal Year 2025 are listed below. Stickers can be purchased in the Collector's Office at Town Hall. Stickers are also available for purchase via UniPay providing one has a currently active sticker. Stickers are not available for sale at the Transfer Station. Bulky waste items may be disposed of with the purchase of a separate permit from the Town Clerk’s office prior to disposal.

FY24 Sticker Fees
Yearly Sticker$170.00
* Second Sticker for families with two vehicles$40.00
** Prorated Sticker$85.00
Senior Citizen (60 and over)$95.00
** Prorated Senior Citizen (60 and over)$48.00
***Replacement or Lost Sticker$40.00
One Day Pass$30.00 per day (call DPW @ 569-6772)
Recycling Only$20.00
FY24 Bulky Waste Fees (All Large Item Permits are valid for 3 business days after purchase)
T.V. Sets and Computers$35.00 each                                                 
Refrigerators****, Freezers****, & Air Conditioners (each)$40.00 each
Large Appliances (Washers, Dryers, Stoves)$20.00 each
Box Spring OR Mattress$35.00 each
Propane Tanks$10.00 each
Dismounted Car Tires ONLY (4 tire limit)$10.00 each
Fire Extinguishers$8.00 each

* After purchasing a regular sticker, a second sticker may be purchased providing the second vehicle is registered at the same address.

** Prorated stickers may be purchased during the last half of the Fiscal Year (January 1st to June 30th).

*** Stickers will be replaced at no cost if the “Registration and Sticker Number” part is returned to the Town Clerk’s Office.

**** Doors must be removed from Refrigerators and Freezers.