Cemetery Commission

Southwick Cemetery is a Town owned cemetery and lots are sold to Town Residents only. The Cemetery is divided into two parts:

  • The Old Cemetery, which dates back to 1770
  • The New Cemetery

The only burials allowed in the Old Cemetery are cremations. The New Cemetery still has some room for growth. The Cemetery is closed for burials during the winter months, but does have a winter vault.

Cost of Plot: $400.00

Any Town Resident who would like to purchase a lot should contact one of the Commissioners through the Town Clerk’s Office. Any questions or concerns about the Cemetery should be directed to the Sexton, who can also be reached through the Town Clerk’s Office or via e-mail to the Secretary.

Commission Members

Name Title
Sharon Horacek Chairperson
James Fahey Commissioner
Veronica Connolly Commissioner Elect
John H. Andrews Graves Officer
Wendell "Bud" Phillips Sexton
Erica Baker Secretary