Lake Management Committee

The Lake Management Committee (LMC) consists of seven regular members and four associate members who are appointed annually by the Board of Selectmen. The LMC’s basic charter is the promotion of lake safety and the management of the two Public Access Board owned, Town of Southwick managed, board ramps and new public parking area located on the Congamond Lake, Middle Pond.
In addition to its related projects,  LMC works hand-in-hand with the Citizen Restoring Congamond (CRC) on CRC-sponsored lake projects. LMC meetings are open to the public, and anyone with interest in lake safety, ramp operations, or any of the LMC’s various lake and ramp betterment projects is encouraged to attend. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed to assist in implementing these projects.
Many changes have been made over the last couple of years to provide a higher level of enjoyment at the boat launch on Point Grove Road (North Ramp). The one most prominent feature would be the handicapped-accessible fishing pier which was funded by grants received from the State’s Public Access Board and Fisheries and Wildlife Department.
Currently, the Lake Management Committee and the Town of Southwick are applying for state and federal funds to make improvements to the boat launch located on Berkshire Avenue (South Ramp).

Committee Members

Name Title
Dick Grannells Member
W. K. Phillips Jr. Member
Scott Graves Member
Malcolm DeBay Member
Mike DeBay Member
Mike Coombs Member
Eric Mueller Member
Rick Wylot Member
Deborah E. Herath Member
Steve Schmidt Associate Member
Sue Hepburn Secretary