Sewer Implementation Committee

The Southwick Sewer Implementation Committee was established in 1991 for the purpose of overseeing the design and implementation of a Sanitary Sewer System in Southwick, MA. Under the Phase I project, the system was tied into the Westfield Wastewater Treatment Plant in 2003.

Phase II is currently under evaluation. The areas being considered include:

  • The school campus
  • Birchwood Road neighborhood
  • Congamond Road
  • Neighborhoods near North & Middle Pond not sewered in Phase I
  • Hudson Drive
  • Gargon Terrace
  • Shagbark Drive neighborhood
  • Buckingham Drive
  • Portions of Feeding Hills Road
  • Northern section of College Highway.

All projects will be voted upon at Town Meeting. Although some Town funds may be required to accomplish the project, most costs will be borne by the sewer users. The Town will seek low interest loans and/or Federal grants to help lower the project cost.

For more information when available, or questions or comments, please call (569) 3137, ext. 243 and leave a message, or email the Committee's Secretary, Jean Nilsson.

Committee Members

Name Title
Jean Nilsson Secretary
Gerald Patria Member
Brian J. Pranka Member
Freda Brown Member
Randal Brown, P.E. Member
Art Pinell Member