Local Permitting Program for Docks & Boats

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) approved the Town of Southwick Local Permitting Program (LPP) on 1/13/10 as an alternative means of satisfying the DEP-required Chapter 91 License for all water structures (docks, swim floats, moorings & buoys) on Congamond Lake, a Massachusetts Great Pond.  

The simplified LPP process is managed by the Southwick Conservation Commission and all fees collected go into a Lake Fund that must be used for lake patrols and water structure permitting. The applicable instructions, forms, associated fees and a checklist are provided for your convenience.  

The below documents are in a PDF format. Please contact Dennis Clark, Conservation Coordinator, at (413) 569-6907 or by email for assistance, questions, or to schedule a water structure inspection appointment.