Local Permitting Program (LPP) for Docks & Boats

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) approved the Town of Southwick Local Permitting Program (LPP) on January 13, 2010 as an alternative means of satisfying the DEP required Chapter 91 License for all water structures (docks, swim floats, moorings & buoys) on Congamond Lake, a Massachusetts Great Pond.  

The simplified LPP process is managed by the Southwick Conservation Commission and all fees collected go into a Lake Fund that must be used for lake patrols and water structure permitting. The applicable instructions, forms, associated fees and a checklist are provided for your convenience.  

The below documents are in a PDF format. Please contact Dennis Clark, Conservation Coordinator, at (413) 569-6907 or by email for assistance, questions, or to schedule a water structure inspection appointment.