Public Records Request Procedure

Town of Southwick
Request for Information Procedure

Per 950 CMR 32.00:

  • All request will be in writing; 950 CMR 32.06 s.1. No verbal request over the phone is permitted. Verbal request is allowed in person and either the requestor or Records Access Officer (RAO) will put in written form. Written form is used for tracking ability.

                    Written form accepted- by hand, by mail, by electronic mail; or by facsimile

  • All request will have an estimated invoice generated prior to compiling the request to include copies, disk, and search and segregation time; 950 CMR 32.07 s.2a, if necessary. The content of the request will determine the need.
  • No records will be furnace until any fees associated with the request are collected in full. 950 CMR 32.06 s. 2f.
  • The Town will comply with the request no later than the tenth business day following the receipt of a request. 950 CMR 32.06 s. 2d. Once an invoice is sent, the ten business rule has been followed. Once the funds are received, the town is to provide the items as quickly as possible. The town department and the requestor will remain in contact.
  • Only the requestor will be allowed to pick up their own request for information unless they indicate someone else at the time of creating the request.
  • A custodian may not assess a fee for the mere inspection of public records. For example #1, if someone wishes to look at the Select Board minutes that are already in the binder, they are welcome to. No fee. Example #2, if someone wishes to review accounts payable records from 1995, a fee for search and segregation will be accessed prior to viewing.  All specific requests will follow the procedure 1-5. 950 CMR 32.06

Public Request Form - Click Here