Tax Title List

Albano, Tracy
143 North Lave Ave
Bank United
416 College Highway
Cox, Leonard H Jr
37 Tannery Rd
Elton, Donald
1A Amberleaf way
Fish, Leah
12 Knollwood rd
Flagg, Charles A. & Addie A.
37 Summer Drive (Town Owned)
Jakobowski, Stanley
70 Sam West Rd
Jakobowski, Stanley
73 Sam West Rd
Jakobowski, Stanley
75 Sam West Rd
Jakobowski, Stanley
77 Sam West Rd
Johnson, Gertrude
65 Lakeview St
Knight, Stanley
192 Vining Hill Rd (Town Owned)
Kuenzig, Margaret
10 Second St
Lamothe, Roderick A. & Clara T.
97 (93) North Lake Ave.- (Town Owned)
Lexington Circle Development Inc
Lexington Circle (Town Owned)
McGee, Frank E.
78 Bungalow St.(Town Owned)
Misisco, Peter
143 South Longyard Rd
Normandie, Kenneth
10 Shore Rd
Patriot Woods Development Corp.
Patriots Way (Town Owned)
Patriot Woods Home Owners Assoc.
Off Lexington Circle.
Pernice, Leon
26 South View Dr
89 Summer Dr
Regal Homes and Development
Hillside Rd
Regal Homes and Development
South Longyard Rd.(Town Owned)
SBH Development Corp.
232 Vining Hill Rd.(Town Owned)
Schwartz, Carl
13R Granville Rd
Scuderi, Ruth
3 Blackberry Crescent
Stevens, Kenneth
226 South Loomis St
Torte, Michael
35 Granville Rd
Trustee Phelps
South Longyard Rd
Trustee Phelps
50 South Longyard Rd
Twining, David & Arlene
33 Granville Rd
Whitty, Jonathan
41 Birchwood Rd
Wilfred , Roy & Fernande
32 Lakeview Street(Closing Pending)
Wolfe, Marilyn
98 Feeding Hills Rd