Rails-to-Trails Project

Welcome to the "Jog"!  Southwick's new Multi-Use Rail Trail. This page is currently under construction. Please return to this page as we continue to update on a regular basis.
The Southwick Rails-to-Trails project began in 1994 as a vision of five middle school students who looked to improve the approximate six miles of abandoned Conrail railbed and use it as a hike/bike trail. Their additional goal was to  preserve approximately 48 acres of land as "open space" for recreational use.
The students have all moved on to higher education, but their vision lives on. The project is currently overseen by three local entities:
  • Board of Selectmen
  • Park and Recreation Commission
  • Rails-to-Trails Committee
The Rails-to-Trails Committee communicates with the students informing them of the current status of the project,  and realizing that it was their vision, continues to welcome their input.