Special Permit Approval


A Special Permit is needed for a variety of uses. A Special Permit is need for some uses in the R-20B, BR and IR zones. A Special Permit is always needed in the Wireless Communications District, the Water Supply Protection District, for an Estate Lot, Earth Excavation, and for a Flexible Residential Development.

Application and Fees

  • An application must be filed with the Town Clerk. Click the following link to download & print the application:
  • You must include two copies of the application, a certified abutters list, and 7 copies of the plans.
  • The fee for filing an application with the Town Clerk is $175.00.  

Review Process

  • Copies of the plan are distributed to the following departments: Town Clerk, DPW, Conservation Commission, Board of Health, Fire Department, and Planning Board.
  • A period of 35 days will be allowed for other boards to review the application/plans if necessary.

Public Hearing Process

  • The Public Hearing must occur within 65 days of filing.
  • Notice of the Public Hearing is posted in the newspaper two times within 14 days of  the scheduled hearing.
  • Notice of the Public Hearing is sent to all Town Boards.
  • A letter is sent to the property owners listed on the abutters list, notifying them of the Public Hearing.
  • Notice of the Public Hearing is displayed on the Southwick local TV channel for 7 days prior to the Public Hearing.

Decision Process

  • A decision by the Planning Board must be filed within 90 days of the close of the Public Hearing.
  • The applicant will be notified of the filing so that they may go to the Town Clerk to sign for a copy of the decision.
  • A copy of the filed decision, with notice of the appeal period, is sent to the following: Board of Selectmen, Town Counsel, DPW, Conservation Commission, ZBA, Fire Dept, Board of Health, EDC, and Assessors.
  • The filed decision is subject to a 20 day appeal period.  
  • Once the appeal period has passed without incident, the Planning Board will sign the copies of the plan.  The copies, along with a copy of the filed decision, will be distributed to the following: Planning Board, Town Clerk, Building Department, Board of Health, Fire Department, and Assessors.
  • The applicant will be notified so they may obtain a certified copy of the plan from the Town Clerk.  The certified copy must be registered in the Hampden County registry of deeds.
  • The applicant is responsible for contacting the Southwick Planning Board to notify them of the book and page number of the record registered in Hampden County.
  • A Special Permit will lapse if it is not exercised within 2 years of Planning Board filing.