Ongoing DPW Projects

Here is a summary of the projects currently being coordinated by the Department of Public Works.  For all projects, unless noted otherwise, work will occur Monday through Friday between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  Please note that schedules noted in this summary are often altered by unforeseen events such as weather, scheduling conflicts, etc.  We will do our best to update this page periodically with any changes.  If you have any questions on these or other projects, please contact the DPW office at (413) 569-6772.

Town-Wide Water Meter Replacement

This work includes replacing existing water meters for all customers.  This work began in late 2016. There are approximately 90 meters remaining that have not yet been replaced.  If you are one of these customers, please contact the Southwick DPW to set-up an appointment.  The installation process typically takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete during which time water service will temporarily be interrupted.  The installer will need to access the meter (typically located in the basement) and outside meter reading device.  If a meter is not replaced by the read time for the next billing cycle and requires a manual reading, the customer will be charged an additional water meter reading fee for each manual reading.

Refer to this link on the Town website for more information on this program.

School Sewer Project

This project includes constructing a new pump station on the school campus and piping through the Fernwood Park neighborhood to discharge flow at the Feeding Hills Road/Rail Trail crossing.  The total project cost is approximately $1.6m. JL Raymaaker & Sons Construction is finished completing construction of the new sewer mains and pump station.  During the Summer of 2018, service laterals will be extended to hook up each school building to the municipal sewer system. 

Veteran Street Infrastructure Improvements

Thanks to a grant from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, new drainage and water main will be constructed on Veteran Street, and the road will be widened and re-paved.  Caracas Construction of Ludlow, MA construct the improvements which will be complete in the Summer of 2018.  The construction cost is $327,000.

Shurtleff Brook Bridge Replacement on North Loomis Street

Thanks to a $500,000 grant from MassDOT through the Small Bridge Program, the existing Shurtleff Brook bridge on North Loomis Street near house number 382 (just south of Amberleaf Way) will be replaced. The estimated project cost is approximately $860,000 with local funding to be used to offset the balance from the MassDOT grant.  ET&L Corp. of Stow, MA was awarded the construction contract.  Construction will result in a temporary road closure at the bridge. On Monday July 30th through Wednesday August 1st, the road will be closed at this location from 8AM to 4PM.  Then, starting on Monday August 6th at 8AM, the road will be closed for a 2-3 week window until construction is complete.  Residents are asked to follow the posted detour signs.  Please be aware that this schedule may change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  Updates will be posted on the Town website.

Road Paving Projects

Southwick DPW is coordinating paving the following sections of roads in late July / early August utilizing Chapter 90 funds:

Hillside Road from #192 to Will Palmer Road (approx. 1,200 feet)

South Longyard Road from #72 to Granaudo Circle (approx. 2,200 feet)

South Longyard Road from #149 to Deer Run (approx. 1,100 feet)

Congamond Road Improvements

MassDOT is funding a reconstruction of Congamond Road. This project will includes paving, lane widening with bicycle lanes, new sidewalk and pedestrian crossings, new stormwater management system, re-grading, and general safety improvements to comply with State and Federal requirements.  The estimated construction cost is $4.1m. A. Pereira Construction of Ludlow, MA was awarded the construction contract.  Construction commenced in Spring of 2018 and will likely continue through Spring 2019.   

College Highway Water System Improvements

This project includes replacing the existing water main on College Highway from Tannery Road to the Springfield Water & Sewer Commission’s transmission main in Westfield.  In addition, the existing pump station on College Highway will be moved to a new location close to the Westfield Town Line.  This relocation will allow the Town to 1) provide water from our own sources to customers north of the existing pump station, and 2) upgrade the new pump station with an on-site treatment system that is required due to planned operational changes at Springfield Water & Sewer Commission. 

Updated July 2018