Ongoing DPW Projects

Here is a summary of current construction projects in Southwick.  For all projects, unless noted otherwise, work will occur Monday through Friday between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  Please note that schedules noted in this summary are often altered by unforeseen events such as weather, scheduling conflicts, etc.  We will do our best to update this page periodically with any changes.  If you have any questions on these or other projects, please contact the DPW office at (413) 569-6772.

Congamond Road Improvements

MassDOT is funding and managing the reconstruction of Congamond Road.  This project will includes paving, lane widening with bicycle lanes, new sidewalk and pedestrian crossings, new stormwater management system, re-grading, and general safety improvements to comply with State and Federal requirements.  The estimated construction cost is $4.1m. A. Pereira Construction of Ludlow, MA was awarded the construction contract.  Construction commenced in Spring of 2018 and resumed in April 2019 after a winter break.  Construction will continue through Fall 2019.

College Highway Water System Improvements

This project includes replacing the existing water main on College Highway from Tannery Road to the Westfield Town Line.  In addition, the existing pump station on College Highway will be moved to a new location off Jarry Drive.  This relocation will allow the Town to 1) provide water from our own sources to customers north of the existing pump station, and 2) upgrade the new pump station with an on-site treatment system that is required due to planned operational changes at Springfield Water & Sewer Commission.  The total project cost is approximately $4.9m. Ludlow Construction of Ludlow, MA was awarded the construction project.  Construction started in July 2019 and will continue through December 2019. 

Point Grove Road Drainage Improvements

This project includes installing new drainage controls along Point Grove Road between Bungalow Street and Veteran Street.  This project is expected to start in the September 2019 by Crestview Construction of Southwick, MA.

Paving and Infrastructure Improvement Projects

At the May 2019 Annual Town Meeting, voters appropriated $2m in FY20 funds for much needed paving and infrastructure improvements.  The following projects are slated to be constructed utilizing these funds plus available Chapter 90 funds:

1. Crack Sealing – Will Palmer Road, Amberleaf Way, Ferrin Drive, Hummel Lane, Reservoir Road, Hudson Drive, Evergreen Terrace, Lexington Circle, and Patriots Way completed in August 2019.

2. North Longyard Road: Drainage Improvements and Cold in Place Asphalt Paving – Completed in early September 2019.

3. Point Grove Road (near Bungalow Street): Drainage Improvements – Expected to start in early September 2019.

4. Concord Road, Salem Road, and Falmouth Road: Microsealing - Expected to start in early/mid September 2019.

5. Granville Road (College Highway to Bugbee Road): Drainage Improvements and Mill & Overlay Paving – Expected to start in late September 2019.

6. Nicholson Hill Road Reconstruction, Phase II – Drainage Improvements, Paving, and Wetland Restoration – Expected to start in 2020.

7. Fred Jackson Road:  Culvert Replacement – Expected to start in 2020.

8. Bonnieview Road and Cedar Street: Drainage Improvements – Expected to start in 2020

9. Tammy Lane and Jeffrey Circle: Drainage Improvements and Paving – Expected to start in 2020.

DPW is working with local contractors to complete these projects as quickly as possible.  However, due to the amount of work required and availability of these contractors, it is likely that many of these projects will not be complete until 2020.

Klaus Anderson Road Bridge Replacement

The Town was awarded a $128k grant from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs through the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program to initiate design efforts to replace an aging and deteriorated bridge on Klaus Anderson Road, as well as provide measures to reinforce a stream that is encroaching the right-of-way.  These design efforts started in August 2019. 

Point Grove Road Sewer Expansion

Lakewood Village Apartments is funding the design and construction of a sewer extension along Point Grove Road to their apartment complex.  Construction started in August 2019 and will continue through Fall.  After the work is complete, the abutters along Point Grove Road will have an opportunity to connect to the sewer system.


Updated September 2019