Ongoing DPW Projects

Here is a summary of the projects currently being coordinated by the Department of Public Works.  For all projects, unless noted otherwise, work will occur Monday through Friday between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  Please note that schedules noted in this summary are often altered by unforeseen events such as weather, scheduling conflicts, etc.  We will do our best to update this page periodically with any changes.  If you have any questions on these or other projects, please contact the DPW office at (413) 569-6772.

Town-Wide Water Meter Replacement

This work includes replacing existing water meters for all customers.  This work began in Fall 2016 and will continue through Summer 2017.  The contractor replacing the meters is East National Water.  The Town and East National Water are sending notices to customers with instructions how to set up appointments.  The installation process typically takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete, during which time water service will temporarily be interrupted.  The contractor will need to access the meter (typically located in the basement) and outside meter reading device.  If a meter is not replaced by the read time for the next billing cycle (anticipated in mid-September) and requires a manual reading, the customer will be charged an additional $25 water meter reading fee for each manual reading.

Refer to this link on the Town website for more information on this program.  

Town-Wide Line Striping

Markings, Inc. will start line striping in September 2017. Work will be conducted during the late evening and overnight hours and is expected to last 2-3 nights.  If you come across work crews, please keep your distance from the work zone and avoid driving over freshly-painted lines.

Water Main Flushing

Water Department crews have started flushing water mains.  Flushing is done to improve water quality and fire flows and allow for the inspection/testing of many fire hydrants, water mains, and water gate valves throughout the system.  A preliminary schedule of areas and times to be flushed are as follows:

  • Wednesday September 6th from 3AM to 7AM: North Longyard Road
  • Wednesday September 13th from 3AM to 7AM: Foster Road

If you notice discolored water during or after flushing in your neighborhood, please flush your service for a few minutes.  If the discolored water continues, contact the DPW Office.

Laurel Ridge Neighborhood Microsealing

Sealcoating, Inc. will be resurfacing Laurel Ridge Road, Mayflower Lane, Trillium Lane, Wintergreen Circle, and Blackberry Crescent with a microseal.  Work is anticipated to start in mid-September and continue for 2 days.  During construction, the road will be open and officers will be on-site to direct traffic around the work zone.  However, there will be a 20-30 minute window immediately after the application in which traffic will not be permitted to travel over the microseal to allow it to cure properly.  In addition, we ask that you minimize your trips on the newly-surfaced road, in particular heavy trucks, for 12 hours after the surface treatment is applied.  During this time, on-street parking will be prohibited.

Microsealing is a preventative maintenance that adds life to the existing pavement by applying a tough wearing coat to the surface of the road.  This is a cost effective repair to extend the life of the road, as opposed to letting it deteriorate to a condition where more substantial and expensive repairs are required.

Feeding Hills Road Intersection Improvements

MassDOT is funding a reconstruction of Feeding Hills Road between Powder Mill Road and Hudson Drive, as well as at the North Longyard Road/Foster Road intersection.  The contractor performing the improvements is Baltazar Construction.  This project will add traffic signals and turning lanes at four intersections, as well as a new drainage, sidewalk, and bike lanes.  The cost is about $3.97m.  Construction started in April 2017 and will likely continue through the end of the year.

Refer to this link on the Town website for more information on this project.

School Sewer Project

This project includes constructing a new pump station on the school campus and piping through the Fernwood Park neighborhood to discharge flow at the Feeding Hills Road/Rail Trail crossing.  The estimated project cost is $1.4m. JL Raymaaker & Sons Construction is close to completing construction of the new sewer mains along the road. In the Fall of 2017, construction of the pump station in the Powder Mill School parking lot will commence.

Veteran Street Infrastructure Improvements

Thanks to a grant from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, new drainage and water main will be constructed on Veteran Street, and the road will be widened and re-paved. The estimated project cost is $450,000. This project is being advertised for bidding and construction is estimated to start in late 2017 or early 2018.  

Shurtleff Brook Bridge Replacement on North Loomis Street

Thanks to a $500,000 grant from MassDOT through the Small Bridge Program, the existing bridge over Shurtleff Brook on North Loomis Street will be replaced. The estimated project cost is approximately $850,000 with local funding to be used to offset the balance from the MassDOT grant. This project is currently under design and construction is estimated to start in 2018.

Congamond Road Improvements

MassDOT is funding a reconstruction of Congamond Road. This project will include new drainage, sidewalk on the south side of the road, and bike lanes. The estimated construction cost is $6.5m. This project is scheduled to go to bid during summer/fall of 2017 and construction is scheduled to start in 2018.  It is likely construction will take at least 1 full year. The Town is evaluating constructing a sewer line in conjunction with these roadway improvements.   


Updated 9/5/17