Land Management Advisory Committee

formally Open Space Planning Committee
Residents of Southwick:
Do you know if there is a plan for Southwick's future?
Do you know what the Town's plans are?
Do you know who is doing the planning for the future of Southwick?
The Southwick Conservation Commission appointed a eleven member Open Space Planning Committee (SOSPC) to work under their supervision. This committee is working to find answers to these and other important questions regarding Open Space Planning, Town goals and visions.

Grant monies have already allowed this committee to acquire land for open space, publish updated digital maps of the Town and to provide for fences, trails and culverts on the Sofinowski Land Preserve.

Residents of this Town, working thropugh their appointed ands elected Boards, Committees, and Commissions, can make a positive difference in the outcome of Southwick's development through good Bylaws, Regulations, Zoning and Enforcemnent.

Committee Members

Name Title
John Stadnicki Chairperson
Dennis Clark Vice-Chairperson
Mehmet Mizanoglu Committee Member
Christopher Pratt Committee Member
Amanda DeLoretto Secretary
Craig Samuelson Committee Member