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Welcome to the website for the Town of Southwick, Massachusetts
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Southwick Tax Collector
Contact TypeContact Information
Town Tax Collector
Assistant Tax Collector
454 College Highway
Southwick, MA 01077
(413) 569-5504
(413) 569-0667
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
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Danielle Zering
The Collector is responsible for the collection of all taxes.  A town may by ordinance, by-law, or vote, provide that the collector of taxes shall collect, under the title of Town Collector, all accounts due the town, and in any manner define his/her powers and duties in relation to the collection of such accounts, but no such ordinance, by-law, or vote, heretofore or hereafter passed, shall limit such collector in the exercise of the remedies hereinafter conferred.          

Online Pay is available by following the Online Pay link on the home page or above.

Tax Information:

FY 2017 Real Estate: 1st Half           FY 2017 Real Estate: 2nd Half
Due dates:       11/15/2016                     Due dates:  5/1/2017
                                                        Demands Due:

Tax Rate: "17.73" plus 3.00 CPA

FY 2017 2nd Half water & sewer billing:
        Due Dates: August 1, 2017
        Demands Due:
        Period Covered:  Sept 1, 2016 - April 1, 2017

FY 2017 Annual Excise Bills:
        Due Dates:

Note: Excise Bill times may vary for an individual based on plate transfers and selling of a vehicle.

All taxpayers have 30 days to make payment on their tax bill. Failure to make payment will result in a demand fee of $5.00 plus interest on the tax bill. Water/Sewer demands are $10.00. The demand fee will give taxpayers another 14 days to make payment. On the 15th day, all outstanding tax bills will be processed as provided by the links above.

Town of Southwick, Massachusetts 454 College Highway, Southwick, MA 01077
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