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Welcome to the website for the Town of Southwick, Massachusetts
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Town Offices
454 College Hwy
Southwick , MA 01077
(413) 569-5995
(413) 569-5001
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
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Select Board

The Select Board serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Town of Southwick.  Duties of the Select Board include preparing Annual and Special Town Meeting Warrants, which include action articles for the Town's legislative body, town meeting, to act upon.  They also act as Personnel Board, Highway Commissioners, and Sewer Commissioners.  The Board appoint the majority of Town Office Personnel including, but not limited to the Chief Administrative Officer, Town Counsel, Labor Counsel, Town Accountant, Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Treasurer, Collector & Clerk, and other department heads.  They appoint different Boards, Committees, and Commission members.  The Select Board prepare the Town's annual budget with the Finance Committee.

Chief Administrative Officer

A town may by vote or by-law authorize and empower the Select Board to appoint a Town Administrator who may be appointed by them for a term of one or three years and to remove him/her at their discretion.  A Town Administrator appointed shall be sworn to the faithful performance of his/her duties.  During the time that the town Administrator holds office, he/she shall hold no elective town office, but may be appointed by the Select Board or, with their approval, by any other town officer, board, committee or commission, to any other town office or position consistent with his/her office.  The Town Administrator shall act by and for the Select Board in any matter which they may assign to him/her relating to the administration of affairs of the town or of any town office or department under their supervision and control, or with the approval of the Select Board, may perform such other duties as may be requested of him/her by any other town officer, board, committee or commission.

Town of Southwick, Massachusetts 454 College Highway, Southwick, MA 01077
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